Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CRAZE preworkout supplement gives Hemorrhoids!

MY two cents on this CRAP of a preworkout supplement. Please also check out http://www.topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/lawsuit-news/1715-driven-sports-craze-supplement-class-action-lawsuit

Clearly I don't want to mention my name for privacy reasons, but believe it or not and take my word for it or not, what I'm about to say here is nothing but the truth.

Little about me real quick:
I'm 5'11, about 165lbs, shredded throughout the year, perfect body total 300 style, maintaining about 5% bf or less year round. ONLY preworkout I've ever tried on and off for 6 years was NO Xplode, which I will argue is HANDS DOWN still the best of all time. 90% of the guys giving negative reviews about it, etc are ones that don't follow proper cycle instructions, and don't have a good diet and work out routine to begin with.

I don't drink ANY coffee, or sodas, alcohol, or anything with any caffeine whatsoever - EVER.
My preworkout cycles usually are about 8 weeks on, 2 weeks off. And I lift weights hardcore about 4-5 times a week.

Now when my last tub of NO Xxplode was ending, I was just about to order again on Bodybuilding.com store as I do as usual.. and I noticed this new product in the top 50 being rank 3 or so believe!... called CRAZE - a new preworkout. This was about almost a month ago and had a 9.0 rating.. higest at the time for a preworkout.  If you check currently, it's dropped down to a rank of 18( a drastic drop from rank 3 to 18) in less than a month don't you think?
NO Xplode is still stable and solid about a rank of 8.

Anyways, the classic saying of curiosity killed the cat finally lived through me. I just wanted to try "different" as some of my other fitness buddies say and boy was that where I made my biggest mistake. I just decided to order CRAZE instead of NO Xplode again.. and here it begins.
First day - I felt like Dr. Manhattan in the gym. Seriously.. I started repping 365 on deadlifts.. REPPING i said, not max.. like 6 reps I think. I kept going and going... energizer bunny was a joke. After I went home, and finished dinner, my mind was RESTLESS. I finished writing my movie script in 3 hrs that I could not get around to finishing in over MONTHS... Could not fall asleep till 3am and finally had to pop 2 tylenole pms.

day 2 - still AWSOME, not 100% as effective as day 1 though, more like 88% but i was still happy. I noticed the having to the bathroom issue is the same as NO xplode after you take CRAZE, but it's worse with CRAZE.. if you've read this far, please keep reading as it will save your LIFE and HEALTH.

Day 3- my ass started flaring up.. couldn't take it.

day 4- Was thinking CRAZE was a bad idea and the taste sucked anyways, my gut was telling me to not go to the gym today, but I gave in anyways, I did not want to wait till my new shipment of NO Xplode arrived again. Felt woozy and dehydrated.

Day 5- after morning crap- OH DAMN... i realized i had hemmorhoids flare up... and that was IT. I insntantly put up my CRAZE for sale and I can't believe I even tried it. SOOOO REGRETTING it. Now taking about 10 days off from the gym trying to recover....
That stuff I don't know about others but I speak only for myself.. is not in my opion as STABLE as NO XPLODE no matter what people say and gave me damn hemmorhoids and left me in pain..

SO THAT'S MY 2 cents.. I don't endorse CRAZE and hope they get shut down. matter fact I'm thinking of suinig them myself!!!